Lisette Chocolate Store & Cafe

Location: Kuzu Effect Mall, Ankara

Who can resist handmade artisan chocolates, gelato’s or pastry.. or better say Lisette?

Everything started with our love for chocolate and the desire to share the “Guilty Pleasure” with you! Our products are handmade by our Chefs with only the freshest ingredients and premium Belgium Chocolate.

Inspired by our signature half-dome chocolates the terrazo tiles and gold color brass stripes are the key element of the interior design offering visitors a chocolate box illusion.

You may choose to stop and have a coffee or tea at our Cafe or just take away a magical Lisette box for yourself or for your loved ones!

Come and experience our world of chocolate!

For Reservations and information:

+(90) 312 503 16 16 | | Instagram

Louise Cafe Brasserie & Loft

Location: Filistin Road, Ankara

Louise is an upscale world kitchen offering high quality food and beverages. Beside its restaurant services, Louise offers exquisite hospitality for long-term stays at its lofts in the upper floors. The lofts are meticulously designed and have taken place in several worldwide known home-decor magazines.

Inspired by the Louisana Houses in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louise offers a Carribean breeze in the heart of the City. The significant cast-iron balconies, vibrant colors, murals and hand-painted ceilings offer a luxurious yet cozy atmosphere to its visitors.

At Louise, we also offer two private dining rooms, each designed individually to complement your event. Whether it’s a business meeting or a private celebration, you can have the perfect private setting with our special dining team to make you have a wonderful time.

Louise has taken place in the renowned “Restaurant and Bar Design Awards” and achieved to be a nominee in the shortlist in the category of Murals and Grafitti.

For Reservations and information:

+(90) 312 447 51 00 |

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Lou Cafe & Bistro

Locations: Iran Road, Kuzu Effect Mall, Maidan Mall, Arcadium Mall – Ankara

Lou, is a fusion cuisine offering a wide range of high quality food and beverages with a fresh twist. It combines culinary traditions that originate from different countries, regions and cultures.  You can either have a hamburger or a salad with hummus.

Lou has four units located in different districts of Ankara and gives you the opportunity to take a deep breath, away from the daily stress and the city.

The brand’s signature materials, including rich green tones of handmade ceramics, pink venetian stucco wall paints and geometric custom design wall sconces, infuse the space with the fresh and natural feeling.

So if you need to take a deep breath, we will help you to find the Parrot! 

Lou has taken place in the renowned “Restaurant and Bar Design Awards” and achieved to be a nominee in the shortlist in the categories of Multiple Design and Europe Restaurants.


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Iran Road

For Reservations and Information: +90 (312) 467 51 01

Maidan Mall

For Reservations and Information: +90 (312) 502 82 13

Arcadium Mall

For Reservations and Information: +90 (312) 256 85 68

Kuzu Effect Mall

For Reservations and Information: +90 (312) 502 16 16

Luigi’s Ristorante & Bar

Atakule Mall, Ankara

One of the finest İtalian’s in town! Our İtalian chef will serve you the most delicious pizza, pasta and desserts from the İtalian cuisine.

At the Cocktail Bar you can explore our bespoke drinks and cocktails made with the İtalian spirit and only the freshest ingredients. You will feel the Mediterranean breeze at the signature mall of the city with an extraordinary view.

Luigi’s Ristorante Bar evokes the daytime Italian luxury. The indoor space is fusing Renaissance architecture, reflecting the rebirth of Classical culture, with bold and modern perspectives of design.

Enjoy the İtalian elegance at Luigi’s Ristorante and Bar.

Luigi’s has taken place in the renowned “Restaurant and Bar Design Awards” and achieved to be a nominee in the shortlist in the category of Brand Identity.

For Reservations and Information:

+90 530 915 64 74 |

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Leyla Restaurant

108 W 74th Street, New York

At Leyla, we strive to create a dining experience that reflects the Mediterranean culture it was born into. With only the finest ingredients, our chefs create delicious dishes with a melding of flavors. These flavors are inspired by mealtimes in the Mediterranean culture, which represents a time for family and loved ones to come together, a time for togetherness.

Located on West 74th Street, Leyla brings rustic elegance to the Upper West Side. The minute you step through our doors, you’re enveloped in warmth. Gold touches are mingled throughout the space with Ikat textiles and cookbooks lining our walls. Our dishes are rooted in the Mediterranean tradition, with flavors from every corner of the Middle East like the Black Sea region of Turkey.

If you’re looking for a retreat away from the scurry of NYC, stop by and relax within our intimate atmosphere for some exquisite cocktails and authentic dishes.

A meal at Leyla is a meal worth sharing, and we can’t wait for you to experience it with us.

For Reservations and Information: 347 334 7939 |